AloeVender is a product that was conceived during a run on Sugar Beach on Maui. I have long been a proponent of finding natural treatments for the various ailments that life throws at me. There is a great lavender farm on Maui, which led me to research the potential uses for lavender. There are many! See the blog for some ideas. Anyway, as I was on a run on the beach, I spotted a guy with a horrific sunburn. I thought to myself, "that guy could sure use some Aloe Vera."  And then I immediately put together the connection of the research I had been doing on lavender with Aloe Vera.  After many, many formulations, I came up with the right combination of Aloe Vera, Lavender and Vitamin E.  I am a huge believer in my product and have personally used it to relieve sunburns, a nasty burn from a hot pan, winter-time dry skin and shaving burns. I look forward to hearing what uses other people discover for this amazing product!