First Public Sales Event

Last Thursday I had my first public sales event. Well, semi-public, anyway. It was at my place of employment. You know, my day job. 

Sales went extremely well. In fact, that one day exceeded my sales goals for the entire month of October! The soap was very popular. A lot of people were snatching it up for gifts. I had a few customers come back for more! That was very rewarding. I also have been contacted by a few people asking for bulk orders and for custom varieties (using essential oils other than lavender). 

I expected the moisturizing lotion to outsell AloeVender, but that was not the case. AloeVender sales were triple that of the moisturizing lotion. People really seemed to understand the value of a good Aloe Vera gel combined with lavender and vitamin E. I tried to steer a couple of people towards the moisturizing lotion because I thought it more closely fit what they were looking for, but they wanted the higher Aloe Vera content of AloeVender (which is over 95% Aloe Vera juice!). 

It was an incredible event. Based on this experience, I will be seeking out more public events so that even more people can try the products in person and see first-hand how nice our products are. 


Posted on October 19, 2015 .