The 21 Day Challenge

In an effort to improve my writing (both frequency and quality), I will be posting new blog entries more frequently for a bit. Much more frequently. This is in response to a challenge issued by Omar Zenhom (founder of the $100 MBA). His challenge is to write five blog entries per week for three weeks. This entry is the first of the series. Throughout the next three weeks, I will be posting a new blog entry nearly every day. If you are not familiar with Omar Zenhom, he is a serial entrepreneur who does a daily business podcast, each of which is a short (15 minutes or less) lesson aimed at helping entrepreneurs (or would-be entrepreneurs) to learn how to advance their goals. I highly recommend checking out his podcasts.



The end results that I’m hoping for are:

  1. Becoming more comfortable in creating blog entries for AloeVender. I have been blogging for personal reasons on and off for years (you can see my wine reviews at

  2. Improving my writing and bringing back my underutilized written voice. I enjoy writing, but I have not been actively engaged in writing for fun as much as I’d like. Writing for the enjoyment of writing is much more invigorating than writing for business related reasons. Writing for business often means you have to filter what you say, and takes the expressiveness out of your writing (at least I find that’s what happens for me)

  3. Taking risks in what I write about. I tend to be overly cautious and filter my inner voice when I write...especially when writing for business. I plan to use this exercise to break free from that habit (or at least to reduce my tendency).  

  4. Engaging with the people who visit I really hope that if you read any of these blog posts (either as part of the challenge, or my other posts on this blog), you will take a moment to respond - if you like what you read, hate what you read, or just want to say hi...I’d love to read your comments. If you do make a comment, there

  5. Entertaining the readers. I hope you will find some entertainment in these posts. I’ll try to keep them entertaining, and hopefully you will find something that will make you snicker...or better yet, have a full on Spit Milk Out Your Nose laughing fit.

  6. Getting into the habit of regularly writing on the blog. Of all that I do as part of this company, blogging is the most neglected. I want to focus more on it. I want visitors to to see that there is a real person behind the company. We are not just some faceless corporation.


The first part of the challenge was to plan the 15 blog entries so that there isn’t the stumbling block of, “what do I write about today?” I’ve done that, but I may call an audible here and there as I think of other topics to write about. And if you think of something you’d like me to write about, drop me a line ( I’d love the challenge of writing about what you’d like to see me write about.

Posted on October 3, 2016 .