Recipe - Cedar Smoked Lavender Salmon

I love BBQing and I love salmon. I especially love combining the two. I often hear the phrase, "Do you want to come over for a BBQ tonight? I bought salmon and you're cooking." I'm not really that spectacular. I have just spent some time playing with salmon and hit upon the combination that works for me. Note: This recipe uses Lavender Gourmet Seasoning from Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm. We are not affiliated with AKL, and do not get any compensation should you choose to order their seasoning. We just love it.

1. Order some Lavender Gourmet Seasoning from Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm. It is a fantastic spice blend that has lavender, macadamia nuts, salt, brown sugar and other herbs and spices. Order some now so you have some on hand when fresh salmon is in season!

2. Get your hands on some cedar grilling planks. Most grocery stores carry them. You can also get them on You can also save some money by buying untreated cedar from your home store or lumber yard and sawing it to length. Just make sure it is UNTREATED cedar.

3. Soak the cedar for at least an hour (2+ hours if you have the time). The point is to make sure it is fully saturated. You can use a large, deep cookie sheet for this or a large baking dish. I like to weight it down with a couple of glasses of water or some canned goods. Flip the plank(s) periodically to ensure that they are completely saturated.

4. While the plank is soaking, rinse the salmon thoroughly and pat it dry with paper towels. Coat it liberally with the Lavender Gourmet Seasoning and leave it out to come to room temperature (you might want to cover it to protect it from pests if that is a concern in your area)

5. When the planks are well soaked, light the grill and warm it up to a low-medium heat.

6. Place the salmon on the saturated plank, skin side down. Place the plank on preheated grill and shut the lid.

7. The plank will start to smoke. That is good. The aromatics from the cedar plank will add flavor to your salmon. Cook it for 30 minutes, or until done. Do not over cook! Salmon is best when it is light pink on the outer portion, with slightly darker pink in the middle.

I like to serve this with grilled asparagus (bonus recipe: coat asparagus in olive oil, toss with sea salt, grill for ~7 - 10 minutes until caramelized and deeply colored, turning to cook evenly).



Posted on April 5, 2016 .